Trailblazers – Session 8 – Tricia Rose

Trailblazers—that’s what they’re calling us.  Professionals.  Leaders.  The Leadership Waupaca County Class XX has just had our last class session before final presentations.

This session was unique and unlike any that came before our particular class.  Why?  Because we were forced to meet online via Zoom, due to the historic COVID-19 pandemic.

Sure, we could have called it quits and we could have given up, but on Thursday, all but one of us were there (one was swamped at work), logged in and ready for the day’s three presentations—eager to learn more about our beautiful county and further develop our potential as leaders.
What are the qualities that a good leader must possess?  Surely one of them must be the ability to adapt.  Another would be to work well under pressure.  The LWC Class XX is certainly adapting and definitely dealing with intense pressure.  Are we good leaders?  Do we possess the skills needed to thrive at the helm?  Yes, I do believe we are and we do.
I am immensely proud of the growth that I have seen from my classmates throughout the duration of this class.  I have seen them grow from being reserved and soft-spoken to giving small speeches with confidence.  We’ve shared insights and personal reflections, bared our emotions, and supported one another.  Joys and condolences were shared and personal growth was achieved on multiple levels.
Several times now, the group has opted to gather socially after class.  Some of us have “friended” each other on social media, others have exchanged phone numbers and email addresses.  Regardless of where we go from here, we are bonded for life; bonded through this awful pandemic; bonded through our shared experiences in LWC XX.
We are the leaders of today and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring.  Congrats to the LWC XX Class.