Stay at Home Tips for coping with the COVID-19 emergency

When our lives are turned upside down, a to-do list can bring a sense of calm and control. University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Specialists and Educators have created Stay at Home Tips on topics ranging from parenting a teen grieving with the loss of school activities, to connecting with isolated family and friends.Woman and dog walking in woods

“Many of us are struggling right now,” said Mandi Dornfeld, an Extension Human Development and Relationships Educator in Winnebago County. “A loss of routine, of what is normal, is hard.”

It’s also hard to sift through the overwhelming number of posts and articles from numerous sources to find something simple, action-oriented, and accurate.

“We are providing basic messages for a specific audience with steps they can take, along with direction to reliable resources for more in-depth information,” said Kristin Litzelman, Family and Financial Well-being in Middle and Later Life Specialist for Extension. “Many of the tips are simple and worth repeating as we adjust to the challenges of physical distancing.”

Extension has tips for families or friends of those living alone who may be experiencing social distancing in a different way. There are also tips for family caregivers looking for ways to take care of themselves when they are on duty all day. From loneliness to food security, from work-at-home challenges to keeping children engaged in school work, Extension has resources for families.

“People can also call on local resources, including their county Extension office. We are telecommuting and available as always to answer questions and assist any resident in the state to connect with the right person in their community,” Dornfeld said.

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