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Espanol – Edible Startup Summit 2020

Emprendedores de todo el estado de Wisconsin se reunirán de manera virtual para una cumbre de dos días el 9 y 10 de noviembre. La cumbre Edible Startup Summit se enfoca en las empresas alimentarias que están en las primeras fases del desarrollo empresarial. 


Safe handling key to avoid illness from backyard poultry flocks

Contact Barbara Ingham, 608-263-7383, bhingham@wisc.edu More and more people are raising flocks of poultry in their urban backyards in Wisconsin and across the U.S. As the practice becomes legal in more areas and grows in popularity, experts recommend observing safe handling practices to avoid illness caused from poultry or eggs. According to the Centers for […]


Summertime safety – at fairs, festivals, and farm tourism venues

Millions of people visit county and state fairs, farm festivals, and “agritourism” destinations every summer. The increase in attendance at these venues has also brought an increase of interest in how to keep agritourism visitors safe and prevent injuries and illnesses that can occur at farms and festivals that feature potentially dangerous activities.