For Instructors

Rent Smart 2017 provides a detailed outline of topics, activities, and teaching resources. It relies on knowledgeable instructors to provide much of the module content. As an instructor, you are essential to truly making the course work. Your professional knowledge and experience can bring the agenda to life and provide a rewarding learning experience.

Scheduling the Course
Because many families who would benefit most from the course have busy work schedules and young children at home, it may be difficult to schedule meeting times. The course schedule should reflect local conditions. Check with potential participants and staff who work closely with them to determine the best days as well as the best time of day.

Overcoming Barriers to Participation
During the intake/recruitment phase of the program, sponsors should determine if there are barriers that may discourage interested persons from participating. Sponsors must then decide whether it is appropriate for them to help participants overcome these barriers. Child care and transportation are two common barriers. Providing on-site, low-cost, or free child care is likely to increase participation. When doing so, remember meals for the children and plan time for parents to check on children.

Selecting a location on a bus route and/or close to the homes of target participants will minimize transportation issues for persons lacking access to automobiles. It is also helpful to select times when buses run frequently and participants can walk safely in the neighborhood. If classes continue over a mealtime, providing low-cost or free meals will be a participation incentive.

Sponsors may consider course reminders.  It is helpful to provide reminders to participants as some may have been referred by agencies to attend.