Community Partners

Community Partners
Landlords, local housing authorities, housing coalitions and legal services are some of the groups who have a stake in helping individuals become successful tenants. Involving concerned groups in the planning and teaching of Rent Smart can result in more effective and efficient program delivery as well as increased participation in the program, improved communication among agencies, and elimination of duplication.

Each Instructor will have the unique experience community-led partnerships. Some possible teaching partners and suggested topics include:

Module A: How Much Will It Cost? And Can I Afford It?

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service
  • Local Financial Counseling Agency
  • UWEX Financial Counselor

Module B: Checking Out the Rental Property and the Landlord

  • Building Inspector
  • Local Code Enforcement Officer

Module C: Application Process

  • Landlord or Property Association
  • Housing Authority
  • Community Action Center Representative
  • Fair Housing

Module D: Who’s Responsible for Maintenance, Repairs and Care?

  • Landlord Association
  • Building Inspector

Module E: Communications

  • Mediation Center

Module F: Rental Agreements—Moving In, Moving On

  • Legal Services
  • Court Commissioner/Judge