Food Stand

4-H Flea Market Food Stand

2020  Schedule:


19 – Gresham Town & Country Cancelled

26 – Tilleda Timberwolves Cancelled


3 – Rabbit & Poultry Cancelled

10 – Seneca Stingers Cancelled

17 – Bonduel

23 – Horse Key Committee

24 –  Green Valley

31 – Country Korner


7 –  Lonesome Pine Whisperers

14 –  Waukechon Wildcats

21 – Goat Project and Older Youth Group

28 – Landstad


4 –

5 – Angelica

12 – Pella Eagles

19 –  Educational Experience Travel Youth

26 – Wolf River


2 –  Maple Grove Country Side

9 –  Belle Plaine

16  –  Caroline Aces

23 –   Tri County

29 – Angelica

30 – County Line


6 – County Fair

13 –  Bowler

20 –  Tiger Tribe

27 – Brener Youthful Workers



Food Stand Videos

The Flea Market Food Stand is the major fundraiser for Shawano County 4-H. 4-H Clubs and Key Committees operate the stand. Clubs profit is figured after bills (bakery, inventory supplies, etc.) are paid. The 4-H Leaders, Inc. commission of a flat 15%, is used to pay for the bad weather guarantee, food stand equipment, manager services and repairs/maintenance. The Leaders, Inc. voted that clubs will get reimbursed from the Leaders to make their profit at least $150.00 for rain-out or unprofitable Sundays.


Fair Food Stand Funds

When choosing shifts for working at the fair food stand, some leaders wonder why it is necessary to help out as you feel you don’t receive any benefits from working. Actually, this is the major fundraiser for Shawano County 4-H Leader’s each year. It is because of this that we don’t need to be out there selling candy bars, pizzas or any of the other numerous possibilities. Funds help pay for:

  • Sponsorship’s for campers and award trip recipients.
  • Funds for educational grants to key committees.
  • Literature used by members, the fee you pay for books is discounted from full price..
  • Awards and discounts on meals at the annual 4-H experience.
  • Support for the Adventures in Dairyland Program, a two-week curriculum offered to 4th grade classrooms throughout the county.
  • Many other incidental expenses we don’t need to pass along to the members because this food stand raises that money.

So when your club leader asks you to volunteer a couple hours of your time, we hope you look at this as an opportunity to give back to the organization that has offered so much for your family this year.


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If you have any questions regarding 4-H Positive Youth Development in Shawano County, please contact:

Megan Suehring, 4-H Positive Youth
Development Educator
Shawano County Courthouse
311 North Main Street, Room 109
Shawano, WI 54166-2198
Phone: 715-526-4869
Fax: 715-526-4875
Terri Brunner Terri Brunner, 4-H & Extension Coordinator
Shawano County Courthouse
311 N Main Street, Room 109
Shawano, WI 54166-2198
Phone: 715-526-6136
Fax: 715-526-4875
Tami Goers,  Office Assistant
Shawano County Courthouse
311 N Main Street, Room 109
Shawano, WI 54166-2198
Phone: 715-526-6136
Fax: 715-526-4875