Friends of 4-H – How to help

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Camp Susan Sponsorship –  By donating to the Camp Sponsorship you could be sending a child to Camp Susan near Antigo, WI.  Camp Susan is a 5 day camp and is open to 2nd through 7th graders. Fifth graders will take a day hike and 6th and 7th graders can choose to experience an all-outdoors camp-out and of course, there are the standard games, swimming, campfires and cookouts. Eligible campers can receive up to $50 toward camp.

Livestock Key Scholarship – This scholarship is open to all beef, sheep, & swine project members continuing their education at a college or technical school. They can be involved through 4-H, FFA, or recognized breed organizations. Scholarships are awarded according to member contributions to club and county 4-H and/or FFA programs, quality of applications, community service, etc. Scholarships typically range from $300 to $600.

Don & Bernice Schoedel/Shawano County 4-H Endowment Fund – The Don and Bernice Schoedel/Shawano County 4-H Endowment Fund was founded in 1993 to expand and enrich Shawano County 4-H Youth Development program opportunities. Specifically to include leadership training and the promotion of 4-H. Gifts may be made in memory of or in honor of someone, designated to a specific program or to provide general support for Shawano County 4-H where needed most. It is only through a strong base of community support that the Foundation will grow to meet the ever increasing needs of today’s youth. Invest in Shawano County youth! All gifts are eligible as a tax deduction. Clubs can apply for these funds with a letter request.

General Donation – A general donation will be used at the discretion of the 4-H Leaders Association. They will determine where the need is greatest.

All sponsorships will receive name recognition appropriate to the donation received and is at the discretion of the Shawano County 4-H Leaders Association.


Let’s Become More “Self-Supporting”

In 4-H, we like to recognize youth by giving them trophies, plaques, gifts or other various types of awards. Many of us have contacts with local businesses and ask them to sponsor such awards for youth. A lot of business people in the area are quite generous and are glad to support opportunities for youth. Let’s look at just some of the ways that local business persons and organizations support 4-H youth:

  • Sponsoring County Fair trophies and plaques
  • County Fair Livestock Auction and Cake Auction
  • Donations to the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation
  • Donations to the Shawano County 4-H Endowment Fund
  • Donations, discounts and sponsorships to many 4-H Club and county-wide activities
  • Letting us use their place of business for fundraising activities, dairy promo, meetings, etc.
  • Donations to the Shawano County 4-H Scholarship Fund
  • Sponsoring “Outstanding Youth Leader” Awards

The point is, local businesses and civic groups ALREADY support 4-H in many ways. Therefore, should we be asking for additional donations every time we start a new kind of award or activity in 4-H? Are business owners starting to feel “overwhelmed” by the large number of donation requests from the many, non-profit groups (in addition to 4-H)?  Recently, I was informed by an employee that a well-known retail business in Shawano typically receives at least one request for a donation virtually every day of the year! This gets quite bothersome for a business owner, who cannot possibly contribute to every “good” cause that comes their way.

We should also keep in mine that the economic slowdown has made it difficult for business owners and families alike. Perhaps now would be a good time to wean ourselves off of donations for every new trophy, plaque or prize we’d like to award. Let’s make sure that we have our own funding for any new awards we offer, and not always run to the local retailer for “donations.” Let’s become more self-supporting by doing fundraisers to help pay for the cost of 4-H awards and activities, instead of taking the easy way out and asking for donations. That’s what the 4-H Foodstand is for….it gives clubs and key committees a chance to raise the money they need! The 4-H Office also regularly receives notice of opportunities for clubs to earn money by helping with community functions. Let the office know if your club would like to be notified of such opportunities.

In summary, before starting any new awards, trophies or plaques, we should ask ourselves three things:

  1. “Is it really necessary to give this award?”
  2. “Will this new award be appreciated by members or will it just become another trinket collecting dust?”
  3. “Can we pay for this award ourselves?”

Doing this will help us avoid “wearing out our welcome” with area businesses that support us so well already.

If you have any questions please contact Terri  (UWEX Office) at 715-526-6136.




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