Quarantine: What does it mean?

When an area is quarantined, products that can carry spongy moth (Lymantria dispar) [formerly known as “gypsy moth”] must be inspected and found clean before they can be shipped to areas that are free of this pest. Products that must be inspected include:

  • Nursery plants and trees
  • Unprocessed logs
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Christmas trees
Spongy Moth Caterpillar

If moving materials WITHIN Wisconsin, contact the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection with any questions about the quarantine. In addition, WI-DATCP has a number of webpages with additional detailed information about the state’s spongy moth quarantine:

If moving products from quarantined counties within Wisconsin to unquarantined states or to other countries, contact the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Photo Credit: Bill McNee, WI DNR