Exemptions for Youth Under 16

Tractor and machinery certification programs provide the training to allow exemption to youth under age 16 who successfully complete the program to engage in agricultural work activities listed below. Youth who do not successfully complete or participate in the training program cannot be employed to do any of the following activities in addition to those listed as hazardous for all youth.

Tractor Operation – Operating a tractor over 20 PTO horsepower. This includes connecting or disconnecting equipment or any equipment parts to or from a tractor.

Equipment Operation Operating or assisting to operated equipment listed below. This includes starting, stopping, adjusting, feeding, or any activity involving physical contact associated with the operation of the equipment listed. This equipment includes: hay mower, hay baler, forage harvester, forage blower, unloading mechanism of a nongravity-type self unloading wagon or trailer, grain combine, corn picker, auger conveyor, feed grinder, crop dryer, cotton picker, post-hole digger, post driver, a nonwalking type rotary tiller, or mobile pea viner.