Accomplish What? Communication

(Two-way communication)

Establish a two-way dialogue between “communities” and your organization to create improved understanding and collaborative partnerships.

For more information about when to use two-way communication, consult one or more of the following Knowledge Areas:


1. Identify someone who takes responsibility for managing or leading the process.

2. Attend to process objectives and product objectives.

  • Process objectives = group building, leadership development, capacity building, conflict management
  • Product objective = successfully addressing a substantive issue

3. Rely on systematic planning procedures.

4. Use expert facilitation.

5. Use consensus decision making.

6. Develop linkages to enhance the group’s effectiveness:

  • To other communities or regions.
  • To other partners.
  • To resources – technology, experts, agencies, funds.

7. Provide recognition and rewards.

8. Be flexible – both to process and conditions; adopt a “learning organization” perspective.