Water Outreach Education


 Incorporating best education practices (BEPs) into your natural resource management strategies is critical for achieving success.

With website resources, learn to:

  • Connect the situation with the people
  • Choose achievable goals
  • Select relevant outreach techniques
  • Get measurable results

Check your skills, your program, your outreach goals

Use website resources to refine your program

Explore by following a structured route

Are you using Best Education Practices?

Check your skills, your program, your outreach goals:


Use website resources to refine your program

Website resources help educators and natural resource professionals achieve outreach goals:

  • Best Education Practices — What are Best Education Practices, and how do we know that they are the best?
  • Use BEPs — Apply Best Education Practices
  • Educator Resources — Includes Tools for Teaching, a Guide for Researchers, sample printed materials, and links to other educators and external resources
  • Changing Public Behavior resources — Explore, to learn how to tailor your initiative to a particular audience and specific goals.


Explore website resources using a structured route

Choose one of the following options:

How do I set up or improve my natural resource education or outreach program?

  • How do I get started?
  • How do I improve my program?
  • How does my work measure up to BEPs?

What website resources will help me reach my natural resource management goals?

  • Use good educational practices.
  • Use educational resources.
  • Use professional development resources.
  • Use water management and issues resources

Water Outreach Education – Facilitating Access to Resources and Best Practices is a collaboration of USDA CSREES (Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service) and other public and private clean and safe water partners to promote best education practices for water education and to improve access to education resources and strategies.