CPB Workshops

In 2008, the Changing Public Behavior project conducted five pilot workshops, led by the University of Wisconsin Extension, which tested innovative techniques and resources for building educator skills. The purpose of the training workshops was to increase participant skills and confidence in collecting and using audience information for designing an outreach strategy.

The following materials were used during workshop activities and could serve as templates or reference materials for continued learning opportunities. Participants critiqued these resources, which were then incorporated into the CPB Self-Study Module, an online training tool.

Sample Workshop Materials [PDF, 2 MB] include the materials outlined below. NOTE: urls for some resources cited in the workshop materials have changed since the workshops were held. Most resources links have been updated on this website. Use the Search tool to find a specific reference or resource.


    • Behavior Change Planning Tool
    • Behavior Theories and Worksheet
    • THE 7- STEP PROCESS IN PRACTICE: A Case Study Example


    • Use the Water Outreach Education Web Site
    • Interviewing Skills
    • Informal Interview with Key Informants
    • Observation Skills
    • Structured Observations
    • Participatory Action Research Techniques
    • Participatory Action Learning and Sample Methods


    • Behavior Change Theories and Techniques
    • Community-Based Research and Outreach – Ethics Considerations
    • Education Practices Checklist
    • Guidelines for Selecting a Social Assessment Tool
    • Selecting Intervention Techniques – A Continuum of Choices

These resources may be adapted for use in your non-profit training efforts, with credit cited as follows: Adapted from [title of piece used], Changing Public Behavior National Facilitation Project, University of Wisconsin Extension, 2009.