Knowledge Area BEPs

The Water Outreach Advisory Committee identified twelve knowledge areas, listed below, as theoretical areas of high importance to water outreach and education. These knowledge areas provide the foundation for the Essential BEPs.

Choose one or more specific knowledge areas that could guide education or outreach planning relevant to the challenge you want to address. Review summaries for each to help refine program goals and objectives. To the extent possible, summaries provide information about planning, implementation, evaluation; indicators and benchmarks; key strategies; tools; and references.

Knowledge areas:

Adult Education Principles

Citizen Participation/Community Involvement Principles

Civic Empowerment Principles

Communication Principles

Community Development Principles

Development Theory

Education Planning

Environmental Education Principles

Evaluation Principles

Leadership Development Principles

Learning Style

Learning Theory

Non-Economic Social Science Applications

Organizational Development and Management Principles

Program Planning Principles

Social Marketing Principles

Technology Transfer/Diffusion of Innovation Theory

Youth Education Principles