Tips for Programs: demonstration models

Demonstration Models

The Internet is the best place to find current information and prices for demonstration models and activity kits to use for both formal and nonformal educational opportunities. Acorn Naturalists,¬†Ward’s Science, Carolina are just three of the many science education companies that offer a large variety of water-related educational tools. EnviroScape and groundwater models are often used by water educators.


EnviroScape Models are easily portable models that can be used to illustrate concepts and processes for a variety of water education topics including watersheds, wetlands, stormwater, drinking water, and coastal issues.

Groundwater Flow Model

This interactive classroom tool shows the flow of water and toxins through differing gradients, flowage through confined and unconfined aquiferse, and the effects of pumping on aquifers. Search the web for current distributors and prices.


Groundwater Model 

Photo courtesy of University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point