Get Started: Improve Your Program

How do I improve my program?

Design your outreach or education initiative with Best Education Practices in mind. You have initiatives on the drawing board or already in progress? Website resources can help you to double check your thinking. Even experienced educators will want to compare notes to see if there is anything more they can do to ensure a successful outcome for their efforts.

1. Accomplish what? Think about your interaction with people. Do you need to get information to some people; talk things over; provide training for a new skill; or really change how things are done? Once you’ve decided, you can use best education practices that are most appropriate for that purpose.2. Once you decide what you want to accomplish, check to see if your outreach Plan helps you reach your objective. This section takes you from idea to implementation to evaluation.

3. You see how you will be able to accomplish your goal using a good plan, but where do the Best Education Practices fit in? What are BEPs? Explains where these best practices come from and how we know that they are best practices. Essential BEPs provides short lists of what you must keep in mind for different scenarios.

5. Choose BEPs takes a different approach. Here, you choose one of three Decision Trees that walk you through common scenarios you may confront and help to direct you to BEPs important for that situation. Are you using the right BEPs for your situation?

6. If you have some experience in implementing outreach or education, but wouldn’t mind a refresher, try Tools for Teaching or the Changing Public Behavior: Self-Study Modules.