Get Started: Compare your program to BEPs

How does my work measure up to BEPs?

Assess a work in progress. Several Web site resources enable you to check your ideas against established theories and research findings about what makes education successful.
1. Check on whether you understand Best Education Practices.

  • Do you apply one or more BEPs as you design your initiative?
  • What are BEPs explains where these best practices come from and how we know that are the best.

2. If you have a lot of experience with education, you might find Essential BEPs to be the most useful tool on the web site. Essential BEPs puts theory and research findings into a nutshell, organized by audience: individual, group, community, web user. Scan the list that is closest to the situation you are trying to address. Do you apply these tips already?

3. Assess a Program provides a worksheet that allows you to compare your program with Essential BEPs. A completed worksheet example is provided.

4. If you find yourself wondering whether you are missing some major opportunities for success, you may want to try Choose BEPs. Here, you choose one of three Decision Trees that walk you through common scenarios you may confront and help to direct you to BEPs important for that situation. Are you using the right BEPs for your situation?