bottle of sunscreen on a beach

FDA Sunscreen Report Raises Concern Over Chemicals

From WebMD, January 21, 2020. New FDA testing of sunscreens shows that six common active ingredients are absorbed into the body and may linger for days or even weeks, in some cases. What’s more, the testing showed that just a single application of sunscreen — whether as a lotion or a spray — increases the […]

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Wisconsin Lawmakers Pass Bill Restricting Use Of Firefighting Foam Containing PFAS

From WUWM, January 21, 2020 Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature approved a bill Tuesday that would impose new restrictions on the use of firefighting foams, in an effort to curtail groundwater pollution. The measure passed in both the state Assembly and Senate. The topic generated heated discussion in the Senate, especially from Democrats. Read the article.

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Common Pesticides Linked to Heart Disease Risks in New Study

From Consumer Reports, December 31, 2019. Research raises concerns about long-term effects of some chemicals, including permethrin Pyrethroids, a type of pesticide commonly used in consumer products such as lice treatments and on conventionally grown crops, are associated with an increased risk of death, according to a new study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. […]

paper receipts

In New York City, Paper Receipts Set to Go the Way of Foie Gras

From Bloomberg, December 4, 2019. Those yard-long paper receipts that spew from cash registers may be following plastic bags and foie gras into the dustbin of New York City history. Council members plan to crack down on those ubiquitous rolls with a package of laws that will require merchants to instead offer shoppers emailed receipts […]

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Newsmakers: Assembly Water Quality Task Force

From WisEye, October 17, 2019. On October 17, 2019, WisconsinEye Senior Producer Steve Walters sat down with the co-chairs of the Assembly Water Quality Task Force, Rep. Todd Novak (R-Dodgeville) and Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) to discuss the task force. The discussion addressed issues relating to PFAS, Nitrates, lead and bacterial water contamination in […]

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US environment agency cuts funding for kids’ health studies

From Nature, May 13, 2019. The Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health has tracked the lives of hundreds of children in New York City since 1998. Scientists have collected samples of blood, urine and even the air in children’s homes, starting when their subjects were in the womb, to tease out the health effects of […]

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From Wired, May 6, 2019. BY NOW, YOU’VE probably been taught to gird your sun-starved skin for battle with cancer-causing cosmic rays every time you go outside. Choose a spray, choose a lotion, but by heavens, choose something! Legions of doctors, parents, and YouTube beauty influencers are unanimous on this point. But with sunscreen application […]

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How to Minimize Exposures to Hormone Disrupters

From The New York Times, April 1, 2019. “We tend to think hormone disrupters are a mom and baby issue,” said Dr. Leonardo Trasande, the chief of the division of environmental pediatrics at N.Y.U. School of Medicine. “But it literally can be a life and death matter for folks who are not even trying to […]

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From The Intercept, February 24, 2019. After a crucial division of the Environmental Protection Agency reassessed the dangers of two key pollutants — ethylene oxide and chloroprene — the risk of cancer from air pollution shot up in many communities around the country. In 109 census tracts around the United States, the risk was suddenly unacceptable, according to the […]

bottle of sunscreen on a beach

The FDA Wants to Make Sunscreen Safer, Finally

From Outside, February 21, 2019. Supporters say the proposed regulations are over 40 years overdue and would be a major win for public health On Thursday, the FDA announced that it is beginning a process to update regulatory requirements for sunscreen products. The proposed rules seek to bring over-the-counter sunscreen regulation into the 21st century. […]


Chemicals in cosmetics, soaps tied to early puberty in girls

From Reuters, December 3, 2018. Girls who are exposed before birth to chemicals commonly found in toothpaste, makeup, soap and other personal care products may hit puberty earlier than their peers who aren’t exposed to these chemicals in the womb, a U.S. study suggests. Many chemicals have been linked to early puberty in animal studies […]