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Every Single Worker Has Covid at One U.S. Farm on Eve of Harvest

From Bloomberg, May 29, 2020. All of the roughly 200 employees on a produce farm in Tennessee tested positive for Covid-19 this month. In New Jersey, more than 50 workers had the virus at a farm in Gloucester County, adding to nearly 60 who fell ill in neighboring Salem County. Almost 170 were reported to […]


Farm-to-table restaurant steps up as community food hub in pandemic

From Midwest Organic & Sustainable Educational Service, May 18, 2020. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But what about when life gives you a COVID-19 pandemic that forces you to close your business doors? Take advice from Marie and Matt Raboin of Brix Cider and pivot, in their case reinventing their cidery and cafe […]

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Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin Grant Recipients Announced

From, May 10, 2020. Nine local food projects have been selected to receive grants through the Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin (BLBW) program, a competitive grant program designed to strengthen Wisconsin’s food industries by helping farms and businesses more efficiently process, market and distribute locally grown food products. Read the article.

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Poultry Worker’s Death Highlights Spread of Coronavirus in Meat Plants

From the New York Times, April 9, 2020. Some employees are coming in sick, and one woman died after being ordered back to work. “Our work conditions are out of control,” a longtime Tyson employee said. Annie Grant, 55, had been feverish for two nights. Worried about the coronavirus outbreak, her adult children had begged […]

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Bridging the Food-or-Energy Gap

From Yes!, March 9, 2020. Should land be used for solar panels or agriculture? The burgeoning Solar Sheep movement argues: Why not both? Lexie Hain tucks a chunk of business cards in her back pocket before bounding up to speak to a room of 75 livestock farmers. On a rain-dumping January day, they’ve driven in […]

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California banned a pesticide from your food. Now it won’t be manufactured

From the Los Angeles Times, February 6, 2020. The primary manufacturer of a pesticide banned by California and the European Union said it will no longer produce the chemical. Corteva, formerly Dow Agrosciences, said Thursday — the day the pesticide’s sales were officially halted in the state — that it will end production of chlorpyrifos […]

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What Foods Are Banned in Europe but Not Banned in the U.S.?

From the New York Times, December 2018. The European Union prohibits or severely restricts many food additives that have been linked to cancer that are still used in American-made bread, cookies, soft drinks and other processed foods. Europe also bars the use of several drugs that are used in farm animals in the United States, […]

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A battle brews in rural Wisconsin over factory farms

From AG Insider, November 19, 2019. A community divided. A local official accused of self-dealing. A top political appointee ousted from his job. In Wisconsin, a state where the footprint of agribusiness is growing, the question of how to regulate factory farms is a pressing topic from the town hall to the statehouse. The issue made […]

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Farm intentionally with passion

From Agri-View, November 4, 2019. ATHENS, Wis. – In the latest Census of Agriculture, the average American farmer was white, male and pushing 60. Consolidation continues as small- to mid-sized farms shrink in number while large-scale operations grow even larger. Another trend is the increase in female farmers, including more women at the helm of […]