Food dyes linked to attention and activity problems in children

From Environmental Health News, May 6, 2021. Synthetic dyes used as colorants in many common foods and drinks can negatively affect attention and activity in children, according to a comprehensive review of existing evidence published this month by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). Read the article.


EU top court upholds ban on Bayer pesticides linked to harming bees

From Rueters, May 6, 2021. The European Union’s top court on Thursday upheld the EU’s partial ban on three insecticides linked to harming bees, preventing their use on certain crops. The European Court of Justice dismissed an appeal by Bayer (BAYGn.DE) to overturn a lower EU court’s 2018 decision to uphold the ban. Read the […]

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Organic Valley Launches Loan Program For Clean Energy Projects On Farms

From Wisconsin Public Radio, March 24, 2021. A Wisconsin-based organic cooperative is offering farms low-interest loans to invest in clean energy projects. Organic Valley announced their “Powering the Good” loan fund on Monday. Created through a partnership with Clean Energy Credit Union, the $1 million initiative will provide loans at below-market rates to Organic Valley […]

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Pesticide breakdown products found in hundreds of US streams

From the American Chemical Society, March 23, 2021. When toxic pesticides break down in the environment, the threat they may pose to aquatic life does not simply disappear—instead, they spawn a deluge of derivatives known as transformation products, which can be just as toxic as their parent molecules. An extensive environmental survey of pesticide transformation […]

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Chemicals in plastics damage babies’ brains and must be banned immediately, expert group says

From CNN Health, February 20, 2021. Synthetic chemicals called phthalates are damaging children’s brain development and therefore must be immediately banned from consumer products, according to a group of scientists and health professionals from Project TENDR. Project TENDR, which stands for Targeting Environmental Neuro-Development Risks, is a group of volunteer scientists, health professionals and child […]

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College of Menominee Nation hosts virtual conference, shares research

From Wisconsin State Farmer, February 10, 2021. The College of Menominee Nation recently announced a virtual conference based around the tribal nation’s historical agriculture practices, evaluating where the Menominee people have been and where they’re going. Multiple pre-recorded lectures were made available to watch at the viewer’s convenience, ranging on many Menominee topics from food […]


Rodale Enlists Cargill in Unlikely Alliance to Increase Organic Farmland

From Civil Eats, February 9, 2021. Together with poultry company Bell & Evans, the duo is launching the U.S. Organic Grain Initiative, designed to transition 50,000 acres of corn and soy to organic and help fill a growing gap in domestic organic animal feed. Rodale Institute—one of America’s most renowned organic institutes—announced today it will […]

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Widely used neonic insecticides may be a threat to mammals, too

From the Food & Environment Reporting Network, February 5, 2021. Neonicotinoids, used on corn seed and other crops, are already accused of contributing to declines of insect pollinators. Now there’s evidence they can also harm rabbits, birds, and deer. On an overcast January day in Estelline, South Dakota, Jonathan Lundgren zips his quilted jacket over […]

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Beyond Bees, Neonics Damage Ecosystems—and a Push for Policy Change Is Coming

From Civil Eats, February 2, 2021. Scientists point to the long-term negative impacts of neonicotinoids, and advocates hope a regulatory overhaul will help. Last June, a national partnership that tracks honey bee population declines released the results of its annual survey. Between April 2019 and April 2020, beekeepers reported losing nearly 44 percent of their […]

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Growing food reflects fortuitous work

From Agri-View, December 11, 2020. ODANAH, Wis. – Food sovereignty is a term we hear often. The National Family Farm Coalition defines food sovereignty in linear terms. “One in nine people worldwide are undernourished today,” it states. “Farmers, fishers, farmworkers and others along the food chain are especially at risk for going hungry. At the […]

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How Non-Native Plants Are Contributing to a Global Insect Decline

From Yale 360, December 8, 2020. The impact of introduced plants on native biodiversity has emerged as a hot-button issue in ecology. But recent research provides new evidence that the displacement of native plant communities is a key cause of a collapse in insect populations and is affecting birds as well. For years, Doug Tallamy […]