Resources and Links

Local Environmental Education

Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center
University of Wisconsin Arboretum
MacKenzie Center
Urban Ecology Center

Related 4-H Youth Development Programs

4-H Youth Development Department
Wisconsin 4-H STEM
4-H Arts in Wisconsin
4-H Community Clubs
National 4-H Science Curriculum
4-H Exploring Your Environment

Environmental Education Teaching Resources

BEETLES: Resources for Outdoor Science Programs

Energy Literacy

Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA)
Detailed information on using woody biomass as a fuel source
Education resources about bioenergy
Facing THE Future – Global Sustainability Curriculum
Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Wisconsin State-Wide Environmental Education Survey

2014 Survey Results Summary
2015 Survey Results Summary


2018 Clearing Magazine: Student Generated Data Informing Student-Generated Inquiries

2018 Journal of Experiential Education: Bridging Natural and Digital Domains

2018 Connected Science Learning: Digital Observation Technology Skills