Champion Sparkplugs

Champion Sparkplugs

Meeting Date/time: 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.

Location: Virtually or meeting will be announced.

Please contact Debbie Olson at 360-0702 or for more club information.


Champion Sparkplugs Virtual Meeting and Activities Plan

In order to stay connected and try to offer a fun experience for our members, we plan to run virtual meetings for the next few months and/or until limitations on gathers are lifted. Our 2019-2020 year definitely did not allow for the traditional fun and growth that 4-H activities, projects, and fair entries deliver. More importantly, our members are missing out on the sense of connectivity and community that is formed at meetings, when volunteering, and celebrating each other’s accomplishments at the fair. For these reasons, we want to offer some fun for the 2020-2021 4-H year.

Full Club Meetings

We understand many of our members are young children so conducting the business of a full meeting virtually may not be best for the group. Therefore, we hope to say the pledge together and offer quick, must-have information during an official full group meeting. If more detailed information is necessary and hearing it rather than reading it would be beneficial, we will record a video for families to view at their convenience.

Project/Activity Meetings

We are hoping to offer some activities and projects during the second part of each meeting. Our current plan is to have smaller groups for these breakout sessions that members can select based on age or interest. The idea is that we will make it together. We will either have live how-to presentations or recorded videos for members to follow along with. Again, the goal is for members to have fun and stay connected to their peers.

As time allows and we are able to gauge interest in breakout sessions, we may offer opportunities for members will sign up for projects in advance so the club can purchase supplies and members pick up materials/ingredients to complete the activity at a porch pick-up sometime before the meeting/sessions. More information will be provided soon.

Digital Communication

Running our club virtually will require significant digital communication. We plan to continue to use email; however, we would also like a more definite place to post information, pictures, and possibly reference recipes and activities that are an extension of our virtual break sessions. The county maintains a website for each club so we will post to that site frequently. Sarah Monfils will be the digital contact person for the club. If you have something to post, she will organize that information/media and pass it along to the staff members at the county. We also plan to begin using the Remind app to send out quick information and reminders to families. More information on that to come.


Enrolling in 4-H

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Enrollment Guides

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