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WI State 4-H Agriculture and Animal Science Resource Page

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Poultry Project Meeting Minutes


President: Emilia L.
Vice President: Jacob T.
Secretary: Evie M.
Treasurer: Lorelei S.
Historian: Kalista S.

Please contact Jeremy Salentine (920-680-2018) if you are interested in joining the Poultry Project.


4-H Adult Volunteer Leader Contacts:

Jeremy Salentine 920-680-2018
Melissa Morris 920-366-0434
Shelly Treml 920-255-1512
Mike Nelson 920-536-0537
Debra Ahrens 920-412-6444
Dominique Ahrens 920-619-6191



Extension Kewaunee County

Erin Dahle – Program Assistant
(920) 388-7141