Poultry Project

Welcome to the Kewaunee County Poultry Project

2017 Poultry Project Bylaws

Poultry Project Calendar 2018-19


Poultry Project Meeting Minutes

December 2nd, 2018 Poultry Meeting Minutes

Poultry Project Meeting Minutes March 10, 2018

Poultry Project Meeting Minutes October 7th 2017



President: Desiree A.

Vice President: Sami T.

Secretary: Jacob T.

Treasurer: Daria A.

Historian: Francis P.

Please contact Deb Ahrens at 845-2529 if you are interested in joining the Poultry Project.



Deb Ahrens 845-2529 or farmngardenmom@gmail.com

Mike Nelson 536-0537




University of Wisconsin-Madison