You Have To Choose

After spending two days in Madison with the Leadership Waupaca County program, these words have resonated with me, “you have to choose,” spoken by Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefish.  The Lt Governor related this statement to balancing our careers and personal life.  Often as leaders we find ourselves feeling the need to do so much to help everyone else, and often find ourselves doing everything.  Yet, if we do it all, we are of no help to anyone.  This message was clear as we remember to make time for our families while also doing our work.

Throughout the second day we heard many inspirational messages from Senator Luther Olsen, State Representative Kevin Peterson and Justice Rebecca Bradley. Working in our small groups, we had an opportunity to meet one on one with representatives in their offices.  The trip to the capitol concluded with Bob Lang, Director of the Fiscal Bureau.

The part I will remember most of my experience spending two days in the capitol building is that anyone can do anything.  The individuals we met were no different from me – they had a vision and passion for looking at the big picture and making a difference for Wisconsin.  These individuals had to make hard decisions. They had to make difficult choices, and they would not be where they are today if they had not made those choices.

Going forward in my career, I will do great things. I will further my career, and I will make changes to help support those around me.  I will remember this as my new mantra: I will remember to choose, and not to do it all.  I will achieve greatness with what I choose; I will not do it all. To achieve greatness, I have to choose. What do you choose?

Written by Melissa Anderson, Waupaca County DHHS Social Worker and Leadership Waupaca County Class XVII participant