The Five Ground Rules for Leadership Waupaca County

The Five Ground Rules for Leadership Waupaca County

by Michael Lee

Last week was our first session of Leadership Waupaca County. We met at the beautiful Clear Water Harbor Bar located in King Wisconsin. During our day we did many activities and also had the privilege of listening to a wonderful talk from Dr. Jasia Steinmetz from The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Of all the things we discussed that day one seemed very beneficial to not only me but the class as a whole. That topic was the ground rules for our specific class. These are the five ground rules for Leadership Waupaca County Class XX.

  1. Participation: 

We as a class expect participation not only at an individual level but also on a group level. We will achieve full participation by engaging in active listing as well as discussion. We also all know that our personal lives and/or jobs could possibly interfere with class so if you do receive a phone call we ask that you discreetly excuse yourself to take the call as not to interrupt the rest of the class.

  1. What happens at LWC stays at LWC: 

This one is simple but very important. We want to make LWC a safe place where you can share what you want without being judged. With that being said if someone shares something with the rest of the class you are expected to keep that confidential. In short, only share your own stories.

  1. Let it all hang out: 

The best way to feel as if you belong to a group is to be yourself. You need to be willing to be vulnerable, meaning you should feel free to say anything you want without the feeling of being judged. You should also come to each and every session with an open mind and also expose yourself to criticism and critique. Don’t be afraid to try stuff on and use your voice. 4. Support each other: 

We want LWC to be a judgment free zone and we also want everyone to be open to new perspectives. The best way to be supportive is to not only be a good listener but also try to keep the conversation going. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes it just takes a little listening to possibly change your own perspective on a matter.

  1. Be open to creativity: 

We encourage all LWC students to think outside the box on all topics of discussion. If you live your life with a closed mind you may never learn anything new. The best way to be open to creativity is to step out of your comfort zone. How will you ever create new memories if you never try anything new?

These are the five ground rules that our class agreed upon and I think they will be perfect in creating an environment where we can be free to speak our mind without judgment as well as cultivate a creative work space. I personally am excited to see where LWC not only takes me this year but also my fellow classmates. We would like to thank our hosts at Clear Water Harbor for letting us have our first session there and kicking off what is sure to be an unforgettable program.