depicts a spider web, representing an interconnected system

Thoughts on Systems

Systems. Of course, all workplace executives or administrators understand and apply the Systems Analysis approach easily and appropriately, right? Unfortunately, this is incorrect issue #1. But let’s gloss over that. Let’s assume they do. I’ve found problem #2 is that when they DO apply Systems Theory well, they often don’t explain the logic behind it well to […]


Leadership Waupaca County Announces Leadership Night May 7, 2015

Join us for Leadership Night, May 7! The Waupaca County UW-Extension office and Leadership Waupaca County are pleased to invite you to Leadership Night, a special event created to highlight the importance of making the choice to lead. The event will be May 7, 2015 from 5:00 – 7:00pm at the Manawa Masonic Center Attendees will have the […]