Toolbox of Climate Ed Resources

Please see the G-WOW website for more climate change resources, activities, and games!

Powerpoint Presentations

ISSMR Presentation “Do Culture and Science Agree? Using the G-WOW Model to Communicate About Climate Change June, 2019

Climate Change Jeopardy… a fun way to learn about climate change and its impacts on culture, economy, and the environment.

Using the G-WOW Changing Climate, Change Culture Model... a powerpoint explaining how to use the G-WOW model  service learning web-based curriculum ( that integrates Native traditional ecological knowledge with climate science.


Julian Bay, Stockton Island.
John Magnuson photo

Climate Change and the National Parks.. discover place-based evidence of climate impacts on the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and what managers are doing about it.

Ojibwe: A Connected People…Damon Panek-Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Park Ranger shares perspectives on traditional ecological knowledge of the Ojibwe people and responses to climate change .

Changes in Lake Superior Ice Cover, supporting documentation: Bayfield Harbor Ice Dates 1857-2011.

Do Fishes Care About Climate Change?… a powerpoint (in 4-parts) by Professor Emeritus John Magnuson of the Nelson Institute that documents place-based evidence of climate change on fish as an indicator of how global warming is affecting us.

Part 1: Do Fishes Care About Climate Change?
Part 2: Do Fishes Care About Climate Change?
Part 3: Do Fishes Care About Climate Change?
Part 4: Do Fishes Care About Climate Change?

Cool climate change websites for educators and students

G-WOW Changing Climate, Changing Culture Website… a on-line service learning climate literacy model that integrates place-based evidence of climate change on traditional Ojibwe lifeways with the latest climate science.

Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts… a website that provides resources to understand the science of climate change, mitigation, and adaption strategies. Climate change projections are depicted using easy to understand maps. Cool videos, interactive maps, and games.

Northwoods Climate Change Response.. a robust website from the US Forest Service featuring climate impacts on northern forests. Many great resources.

Fond du Lac Tribal Community College’s Manoomin Ice Core Project… a website that provides information, curriculum, and traditional ecological knowledge resources about manoomin (wild rice) based on student-led sampling of ice cores from Minnesota lakes.

Parks Climate Challenge…a website that features climate change curriculum, resources, and service learning project ideas for educators. Educators attending the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore G-WOW Changing Culture, Changing Climate Institutes post their class service learning projects on this website.

Reports, written materials

How Americans Communicate About Climate Change report, Yale Institute, 4/13

Psycology of Climate Change Communication poster

Global Warming’s Six Americas”-Yale Climate Change Communication Report, Yale Institute, March 2012.

Climate Change and the American Mind, Center for Climate Change Communication, 2013.


Apostle Islands National Lakeshore-Opportunity in a Crisis“, video.

Bad River Youth Video: “Protect Our Rice”:    Produced by Bad River tribal youth during the 2012 Tribal Youth Media Workshop with the assistance of Patty Loew, Ph.D. Professor, UW-Madison Dept. Life Sciences Communication . Explores wild ricehandful_of_wild_rice as a cultural resource and examines threats to it, including weather and mining. Kids, ages 9-14, wrote the script, shot video, conducted interviews and composed original music for this short documentary, produced August 13-17, 2012.