Module B: Checking Out the Rental Property and the Landlord




The important task of selecting the right rental unit can be an overwhelming challenge. Unfortunately, many potential tenants make the decision to rent without thinking through what they want and need in a rental unit.

Time needs to be spent comparing various rental properties, including comparing amount of rent to be paid, associated costs and transportation issues.

The goal of this module is to encourage participants to plan ahead in their search and not waste time looking at rental properties that are not right for them and/or affordable. This module provides tools for potential tenants to use to determine the most important considerations. Tips for comparing properties will be shared along with the need to do an inspection of the property before signing any documents.

Another consideration when renting is the importance of entering a business relationship with the landlord/property manager. The quality of this relationship can impact the tenants’ quality of life. Potential tenants also need to consider, if they will be comfortable establishing and maintaining a business relationship with a particular landlord or property manager.

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Participants will:

  1. Identify what they want and need in a rental unit.
  2. Identify resources to help locate potential rental properties.
  3. Learn strategies for comparing and inspecting rental units.
  4. Increase readiness and confidence in securing rental property.

References to websites and resources used in this publication are not an endorsement of one product over other similar products.


The “Checking Out the Rental Property and the Landlord” module was prepared by Judy Knudsen, Brown County Family Living Educator.

Family Living Education Rent Smart 2017 Team: Bev Baker, Racine County; Lori Baltrusis, Sawyer County; Libby Bestul, Outreach Specialist; Jackie Carattini, Marathon County; Deborah Hewko, University Services Associate; Christine Kniep, Winnebago County–Team Co-Chair; Judy Knudsen, Brown County; Gail Peavey-Sederski, Polk County; Sarah Siegel, Wood County; Joan Sprain, St. Croix County; Michelle Tidemann, Fond du Lac County–Team Co-Chair; Chelsea Wunnicke, Richland County