This website is here to connect you with photos and information regarding one of the most earth-friendly practices for managing storm water- Rain Gardens!

Rain Gardens are shallow dug depressions or bermed areas, often planted with native vegetation, designed to soak up rainwater coming from a downspout, driveway, patio or other source of runoff.


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Rain Garden Benefits:

  • Increasing the amount of water that filters into the ground, which recharges local and regional aquifers
  • Helping protect communities from flooding and drainage problems
  • Helping protect streams and lakes from pollutants carried by urban stormwater- lawn fertilizers and pesticides, oil and other fluids that leak from cars, and numerous harmful substances that wash off roofs and paved areas
  • Enhancing the beauty of yards and neighborhoods
  • Providing valuable habitat for birds, butterflies, and many beneficial insects

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For more information please contact:

Andy Yencha
UWEX – Natural Resources Educator
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