Rain garden Literature

Bioretention gardens for improved nutrient removal

By M.T. Randall and A. Bradford

This study was looked at nitrogen and phosphorus and how levels of both could be reduced in local water systems. No solution found was able to address both nitrogen and phosphorus content in the water.


Cost comparison of conventional gray combined sewer overflow control infrastructure versus a green/gray combination

By J.P. Cohen and Anthony N. Tafuri and  Michael A. Ports

This study looked at the cost comparison for gray versus gray/green infrastructure through life cycle cost analysis.  The study found that the green/gray combination could decrease costs related to combined sewer overflows by approximately $35 million in the Turkey Creek Basin of St. Louis, MO. The cost savings relating to infrastructure gray/green infrastructure came from the smaller pipe sizes needed to convey the stormwater.


Catchment-scale hydrologic implications of parcel-level stormwater management

By Shuster, W., L. Rhea

This is a study on the effectiveness of rain gardens and rain barrels on private land.


Urban stormwater treatment using bioretention

By Trowsdale, S.A. and R. Simcock

A smaller than recommended rain garden was installed with high rates of permeability to evaluate treatment of urban stormwater.