The Wisconsin Gardener with Wisconsin Public Television, Applied Ecological Services, and UW-Extension, present the idea of a Rain Garden in this educational video and describe the benefits that homeowners in Wisconsin specifically may see from installing one. The example in the video shows a “Galactic” Rain Garden, a design that gracefully incorporates the night sky into its style. To watch the video, follow the link below.
The Wisconsin Gardener: Rain Gardens 

Rain Reserve‘s videos can give you better look at how a rain barrel works, what it takes to install one, and ideas for different rain barrel systems at your own home. The videos also feature a special Rain Reserve Diverter that allows water to flow into the rain barrel but keeps out leaves and debris during rain events. To watch the videos, follow the link below.
Rain Barrel Downspout Diverters: Rain Reserve Model

The Chesapeake Bay Program has organized a Vimeo account with professional videos on topics ranging from Restoration and Sustainable Agriculture to Stormwater Capture and Rain Gardens. To watch browse videos or to learn more about the Chesapeake Bay Program, follow the links below.
Vimeo: Chesapeake Bay Program
Chesapeake Bay Program