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The links below will direct you to different articles  with Rain Gardens as their central focus. Some stories are  local and specific to certain projects while others provide more general information about what a rain garden does and how you can build one!

Take your time and read up on what people have had to say about rain gardens in the past decade! All of these articles were published before 2006.


“How-to” advice on getting your rain garden started!


Beneficial Rain Gardens – 2005




Hardworking and Beautiful – 2005



outpost_exchange_frontpgThe Natural Garden – 2003




Plotting to Infiltrate – 2001



Rain Gardens: Something for Everyone


Learn from others!

Growing Flowers for a Rainy Day – 2003

forecast_rain_frontpgWhen the Forecast call for Rain… – 2003



Rain Gardens – 2004

Car Wash Rain Garden to Improve Water Quality – 2003

Landscape Plan Combines Visual – 2003

Nature’s Filter – 2003

Planting a Rain Garden – 2001

PlantsUnderRoof_frontpgPlants under the Roof – 2003 (Spanish Version)




Rain, Rain Come This Way – 2004


Rainwater Gardens are Attractive, Environmentally Friendly – 2001


Learn from Municipalities and Community Groups!

burnsville_rg_frontpagBurnsville Rainwater Gardens – 2004



RegulatingTheRain_frontpgBurnsville – Regulating the Rain



ChicagoWilderness_frontpgChicago Wilderness – 2001


Earth Partnership for Schools Newsletter – 2004 

Kansas City’s Dream

Rain Gardens Planned to Help Lake Wingra 2003

NewUWMadisonRain Gardens Help Recharge Groundwater 2002



UW Madison Faculty Installing Salvaged material for Condo Landscape 2002

Protecting the Environment Never Looked Better

Wingra_frontpgIntensive Effort to Protect Wingra is a Conservation Model 2004