Animal Sciences

The  animal science projects  are  divided into  three  levels.  Choose the level that is most appropriate for you – if you are new in the project you may want to choose a level easier than recommended.  Try to complete at least 7 activities each year.

Level 1 – Recommended for Grades 3-5.  Activities include identifying breeds, selecting animals, identifying parts of an animal, their care and feeding and safety habits in working with your project.  It is not necessary that you own an animal for this project level.

 Level 2 – Recommended for Grades 6-8.  Activities include learning more about behavior traits, judging, health care and financial responsibilities in animal project areas.  In other projects learn more advanced techniques and become creative in workmanship.  Leadership skills will begin to develop and should be encouraged during this time.

 Level 3 – Recommended for Grades 9-12.  At this level, youth will learn to teach others about the project, continue learning leadership skills and learn about career opportunities open to you.

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Goats (Dairy/Meat)

Livestock (Beef, Sheep, Swine)

Llamas/Exotic Animals

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