Sustainability and Green Building — November 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 — Topic: Sustainability and Green Building;@ Town of Clayton

Discussion Outline 11-19-08 – (1 page, 50 KB)

Sustainability Illustrated – Natural Step Framework (pdf, 2 pages, 400KB)

City of Madison Green Capital Report –  link to Madison’s Building A Green Capital City report

Toward a Sustainable Community: a Toolkit for Local Government

Building Green Guide Sustainable Product Choices – published by UW-Extension and SHWEC -(pdf, 148 pages, 1,970 KB)

On-Site Renewable Energy in Green Buildings Case Study Compendium – UW-Extension and Focus on Energy (pdf, 30 pages, 1,207 KB)

Government Green Buildings Inventory– compiled by UW-Extension and SHWEC (pdf, 60 pages, 296KB)

Wisconsin Green Building Alliance

Hoffman, LLC – Link to a local planning, design and construction management firm who has integrated sustainbility into their business model and their work with clients.

Town of Clayton incorporated Green Building standards into their Site Design Ordinance. For more information contact Dick Knapinski, Town of Clayton Plan Commission Chair.


If you would like a hard copy set of any of these resources please contact me directly at