2018 UWEX Flooding Resources

The following are resources by University of Wisconsin Extension Specialists related to current flood situation.

Flooding Effects on Corn (pdf version available) by Joe Lauer, UW Corn Specialist 



Recovering Flooded Forages (pdf version available)

Source: Team Forages,  by Dan Undersander, Professor Emeritus



Assessing Flood Damage to Soybean (pdf version available)

Source: Shawn Conley, UW Soybean Specialist

Please click to view information on: Assessing Flood Damage to Soybean


Safely Using Flooded Produce (pdf version available)

Source: Wisconsin Horticulture: Prepared by Barbara Ingham, UW Food Safety Extension Specialist and Steve Ingham

NOTE: Barb reviewed on June 6/18/2018 and publication date is 2016.



Food Safety for Flooded Farms (pdf version)

Source: Produce Safety Alliance  Provided by Barbara Ingham, UW Food Safety Specialist



Effects of Flooding on Woody Landscaping Plants (pdf version available)

Source: Wisconsin Horticulture, Prepared by Laura Jull, UW Horticulture (she reviewed on 6/19/18)




Towing Safety

Source: UW Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, Cheryl A. Skjolaas, Agricultural Safety and Health Specialist



Food Safety Resources

Source: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection