Color photo of a Case tractor buried in mud to it's axles.

Stuck in the Mud – Towing Safety

Recent rains have left mud in many fields and drives. If your equipment gets stuck in mud  and you need a tow, consider what needs to be done to safely free or move “stuck” equipment. Here are some tips for safer towing: Select a proper towing device. Don’t grab the first rope or chain that […]

A photo of a can good with label reading Food Safety After a Flood

Food Safety in Flooding Emergencies

The Flood’s Over – Now What? When flooding has occurred, food safety begins.  Never take a chance with food that may have been contaminated.  Food-borne bacteria often cannot be detected by taste, smell or appearance.  If in doubt – throw it out! Flood water often contains sewage from municipal systems, septic tanks, lagoons and pastures. […]


Flooded Wells – Stop Use, Disinfect, Test

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has concise guidance on flooded wells. See Kevin Masarik, Groundwater Education Specialist, UW Extension/Stevens Point, provided 3 basic steps. If the well or area around the well has been in contact with flood water: Stop using your well water for drinking and cooking Have your well and plumbing […]

A color photo of the reflection of a tree in flood water.

Effects of Flooding on Woody Landscape Plants

Plant roots, like people, need oxygen for respiration. That’s why a flood can stress a plant and even, if roots are submerged long enough, kill it. “Effects of Flooding on Woody Landscape Plants” by Laura Jull, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, UW Department of Horticulture, provides information on  immediate and long-term care of trees and […]