One on One Consultations

Here’s your chance to meet one on one with experts! 1:30 – 3:00 pm (20 min sessions each). Talk with business experts about your own product and business.
Note that these sessions will run concurrently with the flash workshop sessions.

Please indicate on your registration form if you’d like to schedule a one on one, and the organizers will get back to you to book a slot with the consultant of your choice.

Here’s our current consultant line-up (please see the speaker tab for consultant biographies):

Tera Johnson, Food Finance Institute
Talk with Tera about planning your business to assure long-term financial sustainability and growth; financing your business growth; and evaluating the market potential for your product.


Peter Robertson, RPs Pasta and Tribe 9 Foods
Talk with Peter about product development, product differentiation, equipment for various enterprise sizes, working with employees, and business expansion.


David Payne, Potters Crackers
Talk with David about product development, process development, supply chain management, and human safety.


Paul Dietmann, Compeer Financial
Talk with Paul about working with a banker, assembling a business support team, securing finance for your business, and financial record keeping.


Tara Ingalls, Tingalls Graphic Design
Talk with Tara about developing a unique brand, and using your brand to drive product marketing, packaging, and sales.

Stefan Boerboom, DATCP Food Safety
Talk with Stefan if you are manufacturing a product and want to understand food safety, manufacturing and labeling requirements.


Brian Jorata, DATCP Food Safety
Talk with Brian if you are a new food producer and you want to understand facility requirements, food safety, and public health impacts for your food business.

Rob Grether, The Common Kitchen
Talk with Rob about contracting with a commercial kitchen. The Common Kitchen is a manufacturing company dedicated to providing artisan & startup food companies an affordable, micro-bath co-packing service.

Brad Rostowfske, FaB Wisconsin
Talk with Brad about maximizing your business potential and profitability by building integrated marketing, sales, and operations plans that are worthy of investment. Brad works with businesses that are ready to take their startup to the next level through expansion.


Patrick Schroeder, Willy Street Coop

Talk with Patrick about retail marketing at the Willy Street Coop, and about their Retail Ready Lab, a program that invites select local producers to engage with the Willy Street Co-op in a mutually beneficial month of “Lab testing” their product in Willy Street’s retail stores while providing a one on one coaching relationship with a Product Category Manager during their “Lab”. Patrick will be doing a flash workshop session from 1:30 – 1:50 pm, and will be available for consults from 2:00-3:00 pm.