Adding Events to the Extension Events Calendar

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Adding your public events to the master Extension Events Calendar is an easy process.   Learn how, and check the Style Guide and FAQ for more information.

Where is The Extension Event Calendar?

There are several ways to get there:

  1.  Bookmark this page:
  2.  From the Extension home page (or any site) scroll all the way to the bottom and click Intranet and sign in with your UW-Madison NetID.  Under Employee Center, click Event Calendar Management.Extension Footer For Employees sectionDivision of Extension intranet home page
  3.  From the Extension home page (or any site) scroll all the way to the bottom and click Extension Blogs and sign in with your UW-Madison NetID.  Then click Administration & Operations
    Footer on Extension Websites
    Extension Blogs Administration and Operations Page

Fill out the required information and refer to the style guide for more specific instructions.

From the Guide and FAQ webpage:

What is the Extension event calendar?

A: An external-facing database of classes, demonstrations, field days, presentations and other events hosted by Extension. The calendar can be found at

Why do we need an external event calendar?

A: As a strategic directive by the Dean’s office, this calendar will provide a central source for events occurring around the state, helping Extension clientele connect with resources in their communities, or in neighboring counties.

Who is the intended audience of the Extension event calendar?

A: The calendar is primarily intended to reach residents of Wisconsin who are seeking classes or other services through our organization, but it will also provide useful information to community partners, members of the media, our own marketing colleagues and other stakeholders around the state.  In the future, we may be able to embed views from the central calendar into Institute, Program, and local county sites for one-stop calendar administration.

Who can add events to the calendar?

A: Anyone in Extension with a UW-Madison NetID should be able to submit events. Volunteers without login credentials will need to work with county or state staff to submit events.  Events can be submitted at

What kind of events are eligible to be included on the calendar?

A: Any event hosted by Extension may be submitted for the calendar. Events hosted by other organizations are not eligible. (E.g. A Master Gardener training session would be eligible, but a plant sale hosted by a local botanical garden would not.)