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Zoom Licensed (Pro) accounts are available for Division of Extension employees only.

Taking at least one hour-long training session from an ETS staff member is necessary to obtain a Zoom Licensed (Pro) Account. Go to the EdTech Calendar and sign up for a session that works best for your schedule.  In light of current disruptive events, we will be providing more frequent and varied training sessions to meet your needs.

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If you need help with Zoom, please send a message to:

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Have you already taken training but your Pro account has lapsed and now you need it back?  No problem!  Just email us at and let us know.


Replacing Wisline: what does this mean?

We will be using Zoom instead of Wisline for conference calls. If you are the person who procures a Wisline number and moderator code for people to use, you will need to upgrade to a Zoom Pro Account. For more information please visit our Zoom Personal Audio Conference page. We understand that we need a conference calling option however, we are strongly encouraging people to use a Zoom Meeting that allows people to call in if they are not able to connect via computer. The value gained by seeing people, even from a distance, is hard to measure.