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How Do I Log Into Zoom?

Are you confused about how to login? Are you still logging in with Google? Do you always get stuck in the waiting room? Chances are you are not signing in correctly.

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Office Hours

Need help transitioning back to the office after a year of using your coffee table as a desk?
Office hours are an open Zoom meeting where you can ask a question, get an answer and leave – no commitment to participate for the full amount of time. Check out the EdTech Calendar for more information.

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Topic Hub Contributor Training

A Topic Hub is a website that brings together the programming efforts, people, news, events, and resources pertaining to an Extension Program. Topic Hubs represent a change in structure and behavior for Extension on the web. Instead of every individual program or county effort creating a separate website, a Topic Hub is a place to consolidate and present information.

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New Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes are quick, snack-sized ‘How-To’ articles and videos covering educational technology tools and ways to boost your productivity in the office. Tech Bytes are designed for Extension staff and educators who want to increase the quality of their educational content as well as making sure their material is accessible to all audiences.

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Zoom Co-Pilot Flight School

Have you ever wondered how one mere mortal can be expected to present, answer chat, and solve the dreaded “my headset is not working” question all at the same time? We have an answer: DON’T, and don’t make your colleagues try. Instead sign-up for Zoom Co-Pilot Flight School. Here you will learn and practice all the skills to become the very best Zoom Co-Pilot you can be.

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Virtual Backgrounds

Did you know that Zoom, WebEx, and MS Teams allow virtual backgrounds? These can be especially handy for webinars or recording videos. If you’re interested in using a virtual background, check out our latest Tech Byte.