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Topic Hub Contributor Training

A Topic Hub is a website that brings together the programming efforts, people, news, events, and resources pertaining to an Extension Program. Topic Hubs represent a change in structure and behavior for Extension on the web. Instead of every individual program or county effort creating a separate website, a Topic Hub is a place to consolidate and present information.


Zoom Migration

In September 2020, UW Madison adopted Zoom as a licensed tool for all Staff and Students. Division of Extension is moving from our own Zoom instance to UW Madison’s Zoom instance. We need to complete this migration as soon as possible in order to both limit potential confusion for Extension staff, as well as to be able to close out Extension’s Zoom account.

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YouTube Tuesdays

Working on a video? Have questions on Captioning? Curious about how Extension uses YouTube? Drop by Tony’s Open Video Workshop sessions on Tuesdays for one on one help, or just to learn more about other projects colleagues are working on.

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Microsoft Teams Training

Do you miss standing around the water cooler (really? Are you from Mad Men times?) or just popping by somebody’s desk to ask a quick question? Microsoft Teams can help you recreate your office setting in THE CLOUD, right from your desktop or laptop.

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New Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes are quick, snack-sized ‘How-To’ articles and videos covering educational technology tools and ways to boost your productivity in the office. Tech Bytes are designed for Extension staff and educators who want to increase the quality of their educational content as well as making sure their material is accessible to all audiences.

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Office Hours

Office hours are an open Zoom meeting where you can ask a question, get an answer and leave – no commitment to participate for the full amount of time. Check out the EdTech Calendar for more information.