What’s Standing Alfalfa Worth in 2020?

One of the challenges for pricing standing hay is the lack of an established commodity market like corn or soybeans. Another challenge is multiple cuttings with different quality and yield, versus a single year end harvest for grain crops. As a result, the price for standing hay often varies from farm to farm, even between fields. Continue Reading

To help farmers and landowners better evaluate the options, Waupaca County Extension Ag Agent, Greg Blonde, developed a mobile app for pricing standing hay. It offers quick access to current baled hay markets with a projected sale/purchase price for each cutting using your own yield and harvest cost information. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store and for iPhones and iPads thru the Apple Store (search for Hay Pricing). The app includes links to the current WI Custom Rate Guide and the NCR Alfalfa Management Guide. For more information, contact Greg Blonde at greg.blonde@wisc.edu.

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