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Fond du Lac County Agriculture Extension Newsletter

Extension Fond du Lac County Agriculture (dairy and agronomy) newsletters are provided both hard copy and electronically to Fond du Lac County farmers and agri-business professionals in the immediate area. Published eight to ten times per year, the newsletter features educational resources, dates of upcoming meetings and promotional flyers.

To be added to the mailing list for a hard copy or an electronic copy, please contact administrative assistant Katie Gindt at, with your name, address, phone, and/or email.

2020 Ag Newsletters

March 2020 Newsletter

  • Spring is in the Air
  • Managing Your Winter Rye Cover Crop as a Forage
  • Cover Crop Trade-offs in Your Dairy Forage Rotation
  • 2020 Wisconsin Regional Waterhemp Workshop
  • Hay Market Report 2.24.2020
  • Are You Maximizing Your Reproductive Program

**Please check with sponsoring entities if events are being held before traveling.**

February 2020 Newsletter

  • Stay Connected
  • ARC/PLC Resources-Sign Up by March 15, 2020
  • Factors Impacting the Success of Transferring Management
  • Tile Drainage Design & Water Management Workshop
  • Hay Market Report 1.13.2020
  • Save the Date: Pesticide Applicator Training

January 2020 Newsletter

  • Happy New Year
  • Udder Cloth Towel Management
  • Herbicide Comparison for Residual Waterhemp Control in Corn
  • 2020 Wisconsin Farm & Home Award Applications
  • Hay Market Report 12.23.2019
  • Save the Date: Pesticide Applicator Training

2019 Ag Newsletters

December 2019 Newsletter

  • Strategic Planning-Three Simple Questions
  • Transporting Cattle & Cold Weather
  • Organizing Your Financial Information for Farm Succession
  • Proper Ventilation Crucial for Healthy Calves
  • Save the Date: Building our Dairy Future: Robotic Milking Systems Performance & Efficiency

November 2019 Newsletter

  • Thanks-giving & Meeting Season
  • Training Dairy Farm Workers
  • Respiratory Health with Dusty and Moldy Grain
  • Full Storage, Frozen Fields, and Mud: What Are The Options?
  • SnapPlus Training
  • High Moisture Shelled Corn App
  • Hay Market Report – 11.12.19
  • Farmer to Farmer – Forage & Corn List

October 2019 Newsletter

  • Introducing Joe Zimbric
  • Harvesting and Managing Late-Planted Corn Silage
  • Dairy Business Tactics for Success
  • SilageSnap – Kernal Processing Score App
  • Corn Silage Pricing App
  • Hay Market Report – 9.23.19
  • Farmer to Farmer – Forage & Corn List

September 2019 Newsletter

  • New faces to the FDL Extension Ag Team
  • Make Sure Your Kernal Processor is Doing Its Job
  • Adjusting Corn Silage Contracts for 2019
  • An App Makes It A Snap!
  • Corn Silage Dry Down Days 2019
  • Farmer to Farmer – Forage & Corn List

May 2019 Newsletter

  • Farmer to Farmer – Forage & Corn List
  • Pricing 2019 Standing Alfalfa
  • An App Makes It A Snap
  • When Do I Cut? Pre-Harvest Alfalfa Quality
  • May 13, 2019 Hay Market Report
  • Estimating Alfalfa RFV in the Field Using PEAQ
  • Managing During Stressful Times

January 2019 Newsletter

  • Farmer to Farmer – Forage & Corn List
  • Market Reality, Stress & Grief
  • High Points of the New Farm Bill for Dairy Farmers
  • Pesticide Applicators Training
  • 5 Steps to Financial Troubleshooting the Dairy Business
  • Winter Grazing Meeting

2018 Ag Newsletters

2018 December Newsletter

  • This Thing Called Debt-A Value or Danger
  • 10 Key Management Opportunities with Low Margins
  • December 10 Hay Market Report
  • Smart-dressed Calves Thrive in Cold Weather

2018 November Newsletter

  • E. coli-A Practical Summary for Controlling Mastitis
  • Sound Advice Can Help Prevent Costly Traps When Facing Financial Distress
  • November 12, 2018 Hay Market Report
  • Do’s & Don’ts When Facing Financial Difficulty

2018 October Newsletter

  • October 8, 2018 Hay Market Report
  • Fond du lac County Farmer Soil Health Meeting
  • Changes in the Face of UW-Extension Crops & Soils Program
  • Identifying Signs of Stress in Farm Families
  • 2018 Crop Land Rental Rate Survey

2018 August Ag Newsletter

  • Let Whole Plant Moisture Guide Your Corn Silage Harvest
  • Make Sure Your Kernel Processor is Doing Its Job
  • Pricing Wet Corn? UW-Extension Has An App For That!

2018 May Ag Newsletter

  • Biofilms-Your Biological Foe
  • Fond du Lac County Soil Health Farmer Group
  • Revised Dairy MPP Enrollment-May 30
  • Pricing 2018 Standing Alfalfa
  • An App Makes It A Snap
  • When Do I Cut?  Predicting Pre-Harvest Alfalfa Quality
  • What Bugs You?  Integrating Pest Management into the Home Landscape
  • Estimating Alfalfa RFV in the Field Using PEAQ
  • Low Margin Price Herd Health Do’s & Don’ts
  • June 15th Deadline for Cover Crop Incentive  Program

2018 April Ag Newsletter

  • Revised Dairy MPP Enrollment Open
  • Feeding Strategies During Challenging Times
  • Soybean Planting Dates & Maturity Group Considerations Moving into 2018
  • Assessing Winter Damage to Alfalfa
  • UW-Extension Hay Market Report-April 9
  • Wheat Stand Assessment
  • From the Desk of Dr. Loretta
  • When Do I Cut?  Predicting Pre-Harvest Alfalfa Quality

2018 March Ag Newsletter

  • Wisconsin Online Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast
  • Farm Succession:  Gradual Transition of Management to the Next Generation
  • Mastitis Influences More Than Milk Quality
  • Keep Stored Grain Cool During Spring & Summer
  • From the Desk of Dr. Loretta
  • Calendar
  • Flyer: Dodge Co Farmers for Healthy Soil-Healthy Water Crop Incentive Program
  • Flyer: Spring Grazing Conference
  • Flyer: Heart of the Farm

2018 February Ag Newsletter

  • Extension Hay Report
  • Managing the Bottom Line
  • Corn Cost of Production Inseminates for 2008
  • Bilingual Ag Chemical Safety Video Series
  • Getting it Right!  Tips for Transferring the Farm
  • Calendar
  • Flyer: Tile Drainage on Agriculture Lands
  • Flyer: 8th Annual WI Dairy & Beef Well-Being Conference
  • Survey: Dodge & Fond du Lac Counties Land Rental Rate Survey
  • Flyer: Repro Insight
  • Flyer: Youth Tractor Safety Certification Course

2018 January Ag Newsletter

  • Extension Hay Report
  • How Does Your Farm Stack Up?
  • Selective Dry Cow Therapy:  Could It Work on Your Dairy Farm?
  • Dairy Sense:  Foot Bath Management
  • Wisconsin State Fair Century & Sesquicentennial Farm
  • Calendar
  • Flyer: Annual CAFO Update
  • Flyer: Dodge County Healthy Soli-Healthy Water:  Cover Crops How & Why
  • Flyer: Cultivating Your Future: Estate Planning
  • Flyer: Cultivating Your Future:  Retirement Planning
  • Flyer: Cattle Feeder Clinic

2017 Ag Newsletters

2017 December Ag Newsletter

  • Calf Bedding Materials for Winter
  • Do You Have Enough Bedding?
  • How Much Feed Do I Have?
  • Industrial Hemp in Wisconsin
  • Hay Auction Report
  • Calendar
  • Flier:  Wrap Up Safety for Christmas
  • Flier:  2018 Agronomy Update Meeting
  • Flier:  Cultivating Your Farm Business’s Future
  • Flier:  Youth Tractor & Machinery Safety Training
  • Flier:  Supporting Farmers During Challenging Times
  • Flier:  Calf InSight:  Are Automated Feeders in Yur Future?
  • Flier:  Pesticide Applicator Training with Simultaneous Spanish

2017 November Ag Newsletter

  • Is Your Feed Cost Per Hundredweight Less Than $10?
  • Doing it Right:  Proper Foot Wrap Application
  • Soil, Water, Nutrient Management Registration Open
  • Fond du Lac County Holstein Association Updates
  • 2017 Dairy Forage Day Registration Open
  • 2018 Agronomy Update Meeting-Register Now
  • Calendar
  • Flier:  2017 Soil, Water, and Nutrient Management Meeting
  • Flier:  2017 Dairy Forage Day
  • Flier:  Better Heifers, Better Cows
  • Flier:  2018 Agronomy Update Meeting

2017 October Ag Newsletter

  • Top 10 Farm Safety Tips
  • 2017 Pest Management Update Meeting
  • Report a Pigweed
  • Non-Enclosed Manure Storage Safety Tips
  • The Ideal Footbath
  • ROAD to Farm Success
  • Fond du Lac County Holstein Updates
  • Calendar
  • Flier:  Pest Management Update Meeting
  • Flier:  Intro To SNAP+ Training

2017 May Ag Newsletter

  • Maximize Milking Technician’s Effectiveness
  • What’s Standing Alfalfa Worth in 2017
  • Hay Market Price Report
  • Assessing Alfalfa Winter Damage
  • Promote Public Access & Receive Incentives
  • Black Cutworm Update
  • Calendar

2017 January Ag Newsletter

  • Five Myths Surrounding the VFD
  • Managing Dairy Heifers During the Winter Months
  • Winter Weather: No Wonderland for Alfalfa
  • Farmers Needed: Find out How You Can Help with Soil & Water Health
  • Hay Price Report
  • Tractor Rollbar Rebates Available
  • Calendar

2016 Ag Newsletters

2015 Ag Newsletters

Dairy Partner/El Compañero Newsletter

The Dairy Partner / El Compañero is a bimonthly newsletter geared towards dairy farm employees. The newsletter articles are written by UW-Madison Division of Extension agriculture agents and state specialists and are available in both English and Spanish. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information directly to farm employees to help them improve their dairy cattle knowledge, maintain farm safety, and improve their way of life.

For more information and to view the latest newsletter, please visit

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