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To provide farmers and ag professionals with unbiased, university-based and researched crop production and management information pertinent to East Central Wisconsin.

Agronomy News from Around the State

Latest Updates from Ag Safety

Agriculture Equipment & VehiclesWisconsin Department of  Transportation
Agriculture Equipment on the Road-UW-Extension Center for Agricultural Safety & Health
2016 Implement of Husbandry & Ag CMV’s Local Options Map-Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Implements of Husbandry-Wisconsin Farm Bureau

2014 Farm Bill Resources for Crop Program DecisionsCorn Silage Moisture Testing Results
Farm Bill Toolbox Decision Steps – University of Illinois
APAS Tool Web Site
UW Wisconsin Fact Sheets – Paul Mitchell
Base Acre Reallocation (FSA)
WI County Substitute Yields
Fond du Lac County Alfalfa Quality Watch ResultsBase Acre and Yield Update Tool (University of Illinois)
ARC-CO vs PLC Comparison Tool (University of Illinois)

Wisconsin Crop Production Newsletters
Wisconsin Weekly Crop Report
Wisconsin Crop Manager Newsletter
WI DATCP Cooperative Pest Survey Bulletin

Machinery Custom Rates
2020 Custom Rate Guide

Grain Bids
Local Cash Grain Bids (enter zip code and select 5 markets)
Fond du Lac Co. Daily Posted Prices and Loan Deficiency Gains (2015)

University of Wisconsin Hybrid/Variety Performance Trials
Corn – available in pdf or Excel formats
Soybean – available in pdf or Excel formats
Alfalfa, Grass, Clovers – also download/view UWEX bulletin
Wheat – available in pdf, Excel, or bulletin formats

Land Cash Rent
USDA-NASS 2016 WI County Cash Rent
Sample Template for a Cash Farm Lease
Ag Lease 101 – resources for cropland rental agreements

Decision-making Spreadsheets
Nitrogen $ Rate of Return Calculator Excel spreadsheet
Crop Residue Value Calculator
Hay Pricing Based on Forage Quality
Biosolids Nutrient Calculator

Making Those Pesky Wet Corn Conversions
Converting Dry Corn Price (per bu) to an Equal Wet Corn Price (per bu)
Equivalent Price / Ton of: High Moisture Shelled Corn
Equivalent Price / Ton of: High Moisture Ear Corn
Adjusting Corn Silage Price Based on Harvested Moisture

Pesticide Applicator Training
Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator Training Information
Fond du Lac Co. Training Information

Miscellaneous Crop Resources
IPM Crop Management Videos from UW-Extension
Wisconsin Extension Crop Bulletins – from UW publications office
Wisconsin NPM Program Publications
UW-Extension Team Grains

Extension Crop Production Links

Wisconsin Team Forage
Wisconsin Team Forage “Focus on Forage” Fact Sheets
Midwest Forage Association

UW Extension Corn Agronomy
Corn Agronomy Blog
Wisconsin Corn Growers

UW Extension Soybean Agronomy
The Soy Report Blog
Wisconsin Soybean Association

Small Grains
UW Extension Small Grains Agronomy

UW Soil Science Extension
NPK Etc. Blog

Pest Management
Wisconsin Crop Weed Science
Weed ID
Wisconsin Field Crops Pathology
UW Integrated Pest and Crop Management Program
Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
Insect Diagnostic Lab

Crop Marketing and Economics
UW Extension Resources from Paul Mitchell
UW Extension FARM Team

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