September 8 Corn Silage Dry Down Results

The results from our corn silage dry down are in. With early planting and strong growing conditions in 2020, we are on track to get our corn harvested in a much more timely fashion this fall. Remember that we generally plan to lose about  ½% moisture per day this time of the year. More when it is warmer and less when the temperatures are cooler.

Below are the September 8 Dry Down results for Fond du Lac County. 

Harvest Date Total samples Minimum Max Average Standard Deviation
9/8/2020 39 63.4% 74.3% 68.9% 2.6%
september 8 csdd graph
Thanks to the agronomy staff at Country Visions Coop and to the UW-Marshfield Forage and Soils Lab for the moisture testing. We’d also like to thank the Fond du Lac County Forage Council Board and our sponsors. All results are available at