Maximizing Corn Silage Yield and Quality

Corn silage is unique compared to other multi-cut forage systems, such as alfalfa, as there is only one opportunity to harvest the crop annually. Therefore, farmers, agronomists, and agricultural professionals must diligently monitor corn silage acres to identify the optimal harvest time to maximize forage yield and quality, as well as to ensure the proper moisture content for ensiling. This year’s growing conditions have been highly variable, resulting in significant differences in crop growth and maturity within and between fields.
In the article Maximizing Corn Silage Yield & Quality, Extension Crops Educators Kevin Jarek & Kimberly Schmidt, and Extension NPM Outreach Specialist Jamie Patton discuss harvest strategies including:
  • Estimating average dry down per day
  • Moisture testing
  • Optimal moisture content at harvest
  • Fields with uneven moisture content

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