Buying and Selling Corn Silage: What’s a Fair Price?

Pricing corn silage is a difficult decision because it often comes at a time when the emotions of sellers and buyers are high. The seller has the opportunity to sell a cornfield for either silage or grain and incorporate the fertilizer value of the stover back into the field. The buyer has the opportunity to buy a cornfield for silage or buy grain from the market and purchase low-quality straw (wheat or corn stover aftermath) to formulate rations. Arriving at a fair price and being able to take into account the markets (grain, straw, milk, and silage), fertilizer, harvesting, and quality costs is a difficult decision.

In the article Buying and Selling Corn Silage, Extension St. Croix County Agriculture Educator Ryan Sterry shows the calculations in determining a fair corn silage price, utilizing moisture, maturity, yield, and harvest costs.