Starting and Running a Financial Coaching Program

In the last decade there has been a growth in services that use the term “coaching” to provide some form of support on financial issues. Coaching is such a widely used term that its precise meaning is illusive in the financial arena.  Programs may use the term financial coaching, money coaching, budget coaching or credit coaching to describe a wide range of activities. This website, supported by the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension, Annie E Casey Foundation and the Center for Financial Security, describes the current context of financial coaching in its many forms, with a focus on programs delivered by community-based programs.

Karen Murrell of Higher Heights Consulting discusses the nationwide growth of Financial Coaching programs in recent years:

In a column on the upper right you will find information on three coaching models: Professional, Volunteer, and Student/Clinic.  Navigate these tabs to find a coaching program model that may fit best for your community and your organization.

On the forefront of financial coaching, Central New Mexico Community College (often referred to on this website as CNM) will by the end of 2010 have held more than ten financial coaching training workshops throughout the country.  This Powerpoint presentation is a snapshot of their coaching activities and may provide you with insight into the types of people and organizations who decide to adopt a financial coaching approach.

Below we will list past and upcoming events along with other helpful information.  Feel free to share own experiences as a coach or starting a coaching program.


Directed primarily toward agencies who may begin or be involved with coaching programs in the future, the Center for Financial Security, UW-Extension, and American Family Insurance hosted a workshop in on Sept 10, 2010 in Madison, WI entitled:

Financial Coaching: Building a Future in Wisconsin, An Introductory Workshop

At the workshop J. Michael Collins provided a coaching overview and discusssed measuring outcomes from coaching.  Karen Murrell from Higher Heights Consulting provided a national overview on financial coaching and gave insights on learning to be a coach.   A panel featured Deb Neubauer and Kristen Bruder from UW-Extension who had each started coaching programs in their areas.  Nan Cnare from the United Way provided a funder’s perspective, discussing how financial coaching fits into the United Way’s homelessness reduction agenda.  A second panel featured financial coaches who shared their perspectives from the field.

Michael Collins, Deb Neubauer, Kristen Bruder, & Nan Cnare

To wrap up the the workshop, Peggy Olive and Joan Sprain provided a “sneak peek” into their upcoming Financial Coach Training sessions.