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Kewaunee County Horse Project Handbook, Meeting Requirements, Bylaws, and Constitution

Kewaunee County Horse and Horseless Horse and Pony Project Handbook: 2019-2020 KCHP handbook


Kewaunee County Horse Calendar*

Kewaunee County Horse Project Calendars

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State 4-H Horse Project Links

4-H State Horse Project Website:

WI State 4-H Handbook : This link has all of the information related to state 4-H Horse Shows and events, rules, Board of Director contact information, and much more.

WI 4-H Youth Development:




2019-2020 Kewaunee County Horse Project Officers

Youth President:    Ashlee Siegmund

Youth Vice-President:    Lexy Nowak

Youth Secretary:    Macey Ledvina

Youth Treasurer:    Charley Anderson

Youth Historian:     Lindsay Beyer

Youth Sergeant at Arms: Anna Pravechek

Northeast District Youth:    Ashlee Siegmund and Lexy Nowak

Adult Co-Chairs:    Nancy LaCrosse:  776-1239,    Liz Simonar:  536-0072


Adult Treasurer:    Sara Anderson:  327-3614



All Around:  Co-chairs, Laura Siegmund: 255-7159,     Liz Simonar: 536-0072

Youth: Lexy Nowak, Ashlee Siegmund

Budget & Audit:  Co-chairs, Joe Pribek: 388-4363,    Laura Siegmund: 255-7159

Calendar:  Co-chairs, Nancy LaCrosse: 776-1239,    Liz Simonar: 536-0072

                       Youth: Michelle Jacobs;     Adult: LuAnne Naze

Christmas Party:  Chair, Kim Jacobs: 634-5335

Clinics:  Co-chairs, Laura Siegmund: 255-7159,    Marty Nowak: 366-2713

Youth: Ashlee Siegmund, Lexy Nowak

Day Camp:  Co-chairs, Liz Simonar: 536-0072,    Richelle Pribek: 255-8148

Drill Team:  Co-chairs, Stacey Stepanek: 609-5285,    Morgan Schleis: 323-5752

Youth: Aliza Jacobs, Emily Porter, Lindsey Beyer

Education:  Co-chairs, Sara Anderson: 327-3614,    Sarah Wallace: 246-1116

Youth: Daria Ahrens, Charlie Anderson, Aaliyah Wallace;     Adult: Kim Jacobs

Guidebook:  Co-chairs, Linda Pribek: 388-4363,    Joe Pribek: 388-4363

Youth: Ashlee Siegmund, Lexy Nowak, Ellah DeGrand, Macey Ledvina

Adults: Richelle Pribek, Nancy LaCrosse, Kim Jacobs, Liz Simonar, Laura Siegmund

Model Horse:  Co-chairs, Darlene Boeder: 676-4580,    LuAnne Naze: 609-3745

                              Youth: Matthew and Mitchell Boeder

Practice Nights:  Co-chairs, Kim Jacobs: 634-5335,     Stacey Stepanek: 609-5285

Youth: Linsey Beyer, Michelle Jacobs;    Adults: Melissa Merrow, Morgan Schlies


Kewaunee County 4-H Horse Project Scholarship
The Kewaunee County 4-H Horse Project invites members in grades 12 or 13 to apply for the 2015 Horse Project Scholarship. This scholarship is open to Kewaunee County 4-H Horse or Horseless Horse project members that have been involved in the project for at least four consecutive years and are in grades 12 or 13. Please see below for other scholarship criteria, the scholarship application, and the scholarship letter.   Alternatively, paper versions of the application are available from the Kewaunee County UW-Extension Office.  If you would like more information, contact Nancy at (920)776-1239 or Jill at the UW-Extension office at (920)388-7185.


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