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Tax and Spending Considerations: How Do We Handle Government Payments and Income? – with Jonathan Shepherd, Farm Management Specialist, University of Kentucky

Video length: 35 minutes

Reframing Tough Conversations for Success – with Tina Kohlman, Dairy and Livestock Agent, Extension Fond du Lac County; and Steph Plaster, Agriculture Educator, Extension Washington and Ozaukee Counties

Video length: 18 minutes

Combatting COVID-19 in Rural Communities – with Cindy Kinnard, RN, Kewaunee County Director of Public Health

Video length: 17 minutes

2020 End of Year Review: Crops and Farm Finances with Dr. Paul Mitchell

Video length: 37 minutes

Year-End Grain Marketing Decisions with John Heinberg

Video length: 37 minutes

Introduction to National Farm Safety with Cheryl Skjolass

Video length: 7 minutes

Farmer Health with John Shutske

Video length: 6:30 minutes

Emergency Preparedness in Agriculture with Cheryl Skjolass

Video length: 5 minuts

Safety and Health for Women with Tina Kohlman, Dairy and Livestock Agent, Extension Fond du Lac County and Dr. Lindley Reilley, DVM

Video length: 7 minutes

Tractor and Rural Roadway Safety with Cheryl Skjolass

Video length: 6 minutes

Feeding the 2020 Corn Silage Crop with Dr. Luiz Ferrarreto

Video length: 34 minutes

Pandemic, Prices, and PPDs…What Will 2021 Offer? with Dr. Mark Stephenson

Video length: 34 minutes

Managing the Surplus Strategies for Reducing Milk Production with Dr. Victor Cabrerra

Video length: 24 minutes

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