Five Minute Farm Focus


The Five Minute Farm Focus series is a collection of videos recorded at local farms in northeast Wisconsin. Dairy farms are a complex network of management decisions that involve multiple people, tools, and practices. The videos focus on one management aspect of a farm that improves the health and well-being of the dairy herd. Each video is approximately five to six minutes long, but they vary in length. 

Using AMS Data to Improve Herd Health

Diederich Farm, De Pere, WI


Video length: 4:32

Winter Calf Care

Jauquet’s Hillview Dairy, LLC, Luxemburg, WI


Video length: 4:40

Using Genetics to Improve Herd Health

Brey Cycle Farm LLC, Sturgeon Bay, WI


Video length: 5:13

Composting Manure Solids

Crystal Oak Farm and Crystal Composting, Luxemburg, WI


Video length: 4:55

Automated Activity Monitors

Salentine Homestead Dairy, Luxemburg, WI


Video length: 5:06

Accelerated Calf Feeding Program

Synergy Dairy, Pulaski, WI


Video length: 6:30

Fleckvieh Genetics/Crossbreeding

Schleis Farms, Kewaunee, WI


Video length: 5:10

Socially Stable Calving Pens

Junion Homestead Farm, Casco, WI


Video length: 6:30