Five Minute Farm Focus

The Five Minute Farm Focus series is a collection of videos recorded at local farms in northeast Wisconsin. Dairy farms are a complex network of management decisions that involve multiple people, tools, and practices. The videos focus on one management aspect of a farm that improves the health and well-being of the dairy herd. Each video is approximately five to six minutes long, but they vary in length. 

Automated Activity Monitors

Salentine Homestead Dairy, Luxemburg, WI


Video length: 5:06

Accelerated Calf Feeding Program

Synergy Dairy, Pulaski, WI


Video length: 6:30

Fleckvieh Genetics/Crossbreeding

Schleis Farms, Kewaunee, WI


Video length: 5:10

Socially Stable Calving Pens

Junion Homestead Farm, Casco, WI


Video length: 6:30