Activity 8: Fair Housing Rights

(Objective 3: Be aware of the fair housing protections available and where to find assistance for fair housing mistreatment.)

Check local and regional Fair Housing Agencies in the area for guest speakers.

Suggested Introduction: While most landlords are aware of fair housing laws and obey them, some landlords are either not aware of them or refuse to obey them. Every year Wisconsin landlords are found guilty of violating the provisions of fair housing regulations by either denying housing to applicants or treating them differently in ways that violate their fair housing rights. It is important for tenants to be alert to possible discrimination against them and to know of ways to get help.


Provide Handout 8: Groups Protected by Federal and Wisconsin Fair Housing Laws and Handout 9: Types of Fair Housing Violations. Introduce the various classes of persons protected under fair housing regulations and the practices that violate fair housing rights. Encourage a discussion about any personal experience with housing discrimination. Conclude by referring participants to the fair housing resources included in their resource list.